Friday, 26 August 2011

Powerpoint presentation - codes & conventions

Below, I have created a PowerPoint presentation on the codes and conventions of Local newspapers:
This presentation will presentably portray my own views and understandings of the conventions of a local Newspaper.
Some key areas you may expect to find within this presentation include conventions such as:
  • Invisible elements.
  • visual elements.
  • Special headlines.
  • Side bars and captions.
  • Headers and footers.
  • Teasers and logos.
  • Pull quotes.
  • Nameplates and identity tags.

Having created this presentation, I hope to be able to refer back to it and remind myself of some key areas for when I may need it. I hope you enjoy.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Time plan:

Sunday, 21 August 2011


This is my second Media Blog, where I will be focusing entirely on Local Newspapers. In comparison to my previous blog, I will be uploading different work relating to my chosen theme 'Local Newspapers', whereas I previously looked entirely at Magazines in Print media. This previous project involved me creating a front page, contents page and double page spread of a magazine that would appeal to my target audience.  
For this project however, I will be creating two other outcomes, these are: a radio advertisement and also a poster to also advertise a Newspaper. When creating these outcomes, I will be working in a group of 3 where we will be discussing different ideas and outcome types, as well as prototypes for it's final pieces.

In creating this blog, I hope to share variety pieces of work including textual analysis', graphs and their results, background research, drafts, final pieces, questionnaires and also existing products. This is all to help me produce a new local newspaper full-filling it's expected requirements, as well as a professional radio advert and an advertising poster to help me to promote the Local Newspaper.