Radio Advertising:

Introduction to Radio Advertising: 
After having completed my first task (Newspapers), I will now be focusing on my second task:
'Radio Advertising'.This task will involve me researching into what radio broadcasting is, what it aims to achieve, the different types of broadcasts and also how I will be creating my radio advert.
When having gathered all of my research, I will be adhering to these in order for me to successfully create my final product - where my own, and also my groups decisions will play an enormous part into creating something that will cater the needs for our audiences.

Time Planning:
Below, we have created a time planning presentation showing dates for all of our products, enjoy: 

What is Radio Broadcasting?
Radio broadcasting is the distribution of sound, simply transmitted via radio signal. This use of sound distribution is commonly used for entertainment purposes, as well as for news and audio programs. This radio broadcast is then sent through to a certain program, - making it available for anyone to listen to using that particular station.
The reason we will be creating a radio broadcast, is to initially advertise and promote a product, making it known to our demographic target audiences. In doing this, I will need to research into persuasive language techniques, and also timing. Where these two conventions will be essential. 

Types of Radio Broadcasting:
There are a few different types of radio broadcasting. Some of these types that may require the most input into the work that I am focusing on include:

-National Radio Broadcasting = 
A national radio is one which serves the whole country. For example, this includes the likes of: ABC Radio National, NPR National Public Radio. The purpose of having a National radio company that serves the whole country is to target a large amount of people within there demographic audience range.

-Regional Stations = 
This is a station which covers multi-county areas, or a group of City areas. For example the top UK regional radio stations are: 

1.Heart 106.2

2.95.8 Capital FM

3.Magic 105.4 FM

4.KISS 100

5.Galaxy Yorkshire

6.BBC radio Scotland

7.LBC 97.3 FM

8.Heart Birmingham and west midlands

9.Real Radio central Scotland

10.Smooth Radio North West

-Local Radios = 
This is aimed for a smaller local area transmission. 
For Example: Heart London. Some of the other Local Radio stations in the UK include:
-London radio station
-South-East England
-East of England
-East Midlands
-Yorkshire and Lincoln shire
-North of England

-Community Radios =                                                                                                                         Not for profit radio station broadcasting to particular defined communities.                                For example: 
-107.8 Black Diamond FM
-Tempo FM 107.4
-Academy FM
-Spark FM
-Asian start 101.6 FM
-Lincoln City RADIO
-The vibe
The voice of Africa radio

Brand Advertising                                                                                                                                                        What is Brand Advertising?
Brand advertising is a technique that  aims to promote and create awareness of a particular product, for instance: McDonald's, coca cola, apple and Nike.The reason for this, is to aware its audiences so that the branded product becomes recognisable.

Direct Response Advertising     
What is direct response advertising?
Direct response advertising is a technique that aims to aware its audiences in order to achieve an immediate response. This type of response can vary depending upon what is being advertised. For instance, if it were advertising a sale, or even a new product.

"Radio advertising has the highest impact in the short term of all forms of advertising".

Codes and conventions of a Radio Advert:

We have created the above PowerPoint presentation to portray the codes and conventions of a Radio advert. Having created this presentation, we hope to be able to use it as a helpful source that I will be able to refer to when needed. 
The PowerPoint presentation covers vital information such as:

- Advertisement definitions.
- What is advertisement?
- Examples of existing Radio adverts.

These are all part of the necessity requirements for a radio advert - and so the points that I have covered will help me to make my end result professionally whilst covering my main areas that I hope to express to my Demographic Target audience.
My Demographic Target Audience  is the same as my previous target audience for my Newspaper.(19-30year old).

The brainstorm above, was created to help our groups to understand and refer back to when needed. We have  payed particular attention to the main key areas which are vital to creating our outcome.

Research into possible soundtracks:
-Jose Gonzalez: heartbeats:       Video link:
The reason we chose this soundtrack as a possible advertising song for our Newspaper Advert, was because we felt that it starts off with a subtle tone - where towards the chorus it becomes more up-beat. We liked this idea because, the change in tone alerts our listeners and it is near the chorus where we would like the most attention.

-rival console: kid velo:              Video Link:
We chose this style of music because it contrasted with song choice above. This soundtrack starts off up-beat, immediately alerting our demographic target audiences. This also is a very fast paced song - and so we felt that it would speed up our advert. The rhythm of the song is kept relatively the same throughout - from the beginning intro, to the chorus, to the ending.

-vashti Bunyan: just another diamond day:    Video Link:
This is a very well - known song that is used on many other adverts. We liked this particularly because it was a relatively quiet soundtrack. However we weren't sure whether the quiet element would work well when we were to use loud persuasive language, as this may be too much of a contrast...

-The crystal method: dirty thirty:                       Video Link: 
 We like the constant rhythm to this sound track, as it was exciting. We also felt that it would work well with our voices over the sounds, without distracting our audiences from our voices.   

When starting to analyse what I will be saying in my Radio advert, I will firstly need to brainstorm some important elements I would like to include.  To start:
- I would like to mention the name of the Newspaper to keep my demographic target audiences aware of the name, and also to have them remember it. I feel that this is an important factor because it is its brand identity.
- I will need to include persuasive language in my script, in order to start persuading my audiences to buy the product  and have them believe that it is something that they will need. As a result of this, this should not only promote my product, but it should also grab my readers attention and awareness.
- The Tone of voice I will be using when advertising this product is vital, because I need to target my audiences most importantly. This means being able to address males and females.  
There are two obvious styles of voice needed depending upon the situation. For instance, adverts that are loud and aggressive, that use a higher vocal approach. However, the most preferred tone is a slight deepening of the voice, which is preferred for a warm, ambient ad.
- Enhancing the Offers that the Newspaper has draws attention and promotes people to buy it.                                  This is a good factor to include, as it gives you something to advertise and focus on.
- Uniqueness is what will be making our newspaper stand out from every other newspaper.

Template script for advertisement:
The Haverhill Weekly Gazette! A Newspaper suited for EVERY ONES needs.
Located in your area and available to buy NOW! 
With a price that is affordable for YOU to pay, tuck in to the new Haverhill Weekly Gazette! 
We've got sport, entertainment, Local News, TV and LOTS more.....
This weeks special buy gets you money off your local supermarket shopping.
That's right! BUY IT NOW - The Haverhill Weekly Gazette! 
For more information visit:

Using persuasive language was my key element that I wanted to include to this. I also wanted to ensure that I mentioned the name of our Newspaper multiple times, so that it could be easily remembered. The areas that are in capital letters, are the words that I will be emphasising mostly, for instance "NOW!"

IT'S TIME! Time for you to read the HAVERHILL WEEKLY GAZETTE! Want to find out about Local sport news? This weeks weather? And instant updates about your town? Then GRAB IT NOW! Only 35 pence from your local stores. IT'S TIME! The Haverhill Weekly Gazette...
Don't forget to buy this weeks special edition newspaper containing Britain's best-loved songs of this year!
For more information visit:

Including the price of the newspaper is important because the readers will want to know how much they are paying. Because the price is so low, I will be emphasising this, which will hopefully attract my audiences to buy the Newspaper.

Want a Local Newspaper that suits YOU? Are you fed up with junk pages? Do you need a cheap, informative, local newspaper that DOESN'T waste your time? Then BUY IT NOW - THE HAVERHILL WEEKLY GAZETTE. We have sport, local news, entertainment and SO much MORE... All made for YOU... 
As a special thank you, we will be giving you the chance to win a new Mini Cooper S, with every purchase! So HURRY! Offer ends Next week.
For more information visit:

Starts with rhetorical question which immediately shows that it is talking to it's audiences. Lists all of the negative factors which are found in existing Newspapers, that customers may dislike, and then refers to our Local Newspaper which is opposite to that.

When scripting these templates, I need to remember that it is 3 words a second. This is important because it speeds up the radio advertisement, and I need to be able to get across everything in the shortest amount of time as possible.

                                AUDIENCE TALLY CHART:

Out of the above scripts, my final chosen one is number 1. The reason I have chosen this one, is because there is constant mention of the Name of the Newspaper - which is vital. It is this simple convention that makes the Newspaper memorable to our readers or possibly target audiences. I also liked that the script aimed towards its audience by engaging with them, and mentioning them. Key words such as 'YOU', help exaggerate this. The mention of the ingredients that you can find inside the Newspaper, acted as a good source of persuasion. As it is this, that the readers look for when they buy a Newspaper. Instead of mentioning all of the conventions - I mentioned only a few of the most important ones, and added the terms 'and LOTS more...' - which helped emphasise that the readers can find out more about the newspaper and what is inside when they buy it. And so it was this mention that acted as a teaser to the Newspaper, as it only revealed  few elements - which could potentially urge our audiences into buying it. Lastly, was more persuasive text, where I added that this weeks Newspaper was a 'special buy', and that any buyers can have the chance to win a limited edition autobiography by Jamie Olive. I decided to add this in as I felt that it was an area that every one is involved in, and Jamie Oliver is a local, well-known chef celebrity.
I added the web address of the Newspaper at the very end of the script, so that the audiences felt that they could get in touch with the newspaper Company, and find out any more information.

The soundtrack we have chosen to use is Rival console: kid Velo. The reason we have chosen to use this is not only because our demographic audience voted that they preferred it, but also because we liked that it started off with a good introduction, where the beat is slow paced to begin with. This would be a good starting sound track for the radio as the speech at the beginning can be heard well. The chorus to this theme tune is much more up-beat and lively, which i what we needed because it goes well with the our voices when we are trying to emphasise certain areas. The soundtrack then dies down a little towards the end which would work well, as it shows the coming ending of the advertisement. 

Using a voice recorder, we will be able to record our scripts and create drafts of them for us to analyse so that we can learn from them. We will then be able to upload these, and look into the areas that we need to improve further, so that we can get to our finished products - where they will be at a high quality standard, matching that of some existing radio adverts.

We then will be uploading these onto an apple mac computer, where we can take our soundtrack and transfer it as the background to our voices. This can be done using a software called iMovie.


Above, we created a short video on how we went through the production stages of our radio advertisement. i hope you enjoy.

This is the final video of my radio advertisement outcome. I used the software 'imovie' to help create this and make it flow together. The backing track has been edited according to the sound pitch, so that I am able to be heard above it.  This is very important for my demographic audience. I particularly like the introduction and end stages of the backing track, as the sound is altered in a way where it starts with a high volume which slowly fades quieter when I start to read my script. This then is amplified again towards the end of the advert, where I have finished my script. This also is affective for pointing out the beginning, middle and end of my advert.
One of the areas that I feel could be improved however, would be the length of my advert. My current advert is 31 seconds, however I feel that this is a little short  and that an advert of around 35-40 seconds would be much more appropriate, as this would allow for more persuasive language and add time for me to grab my audiences full attention

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