Thursday, 6 October 2011

Colour palette ideas:

Below I have looked into research for different colour pallets, and tested some to see which work better than others:

When creating this colour palette, we agreed that using bright colours was not a good idea because they made a Newspaper look unprofessional and less serious. We also took into account the main target audiences, and what we felt they may like using the survey monkey questionnaires we created. Throughout the list, we have kept two main colours or shades - black and grey. Where we realised that these were the two that were always to be seen on a newspaper.

As a group, we felt as though we wanted to apply a colour scheme that would be unique to the Newspaper. We also had to think about colours which can suit both sexes and also target our Demographic target audiences.
The first 3 colour palette idea, we felt was too original, and maybe didn't portray enough colour, as this could potentially make the Newspaper seem dull.
The second colour list, we quite liked - where the colours are unisex, and the duck - egg blue added brightness in contrast to the two other colours. 
The third colour palette idea we thought was to feminine, because the purple is a colour that is mainly suited for females. And so we decided not to use this palette.
The fourth colour palette ideas was joint no decision. As a group we all disliked the brightness and richness of the green, especially when it was situated next to the two other colours.
The fifth colour palette, we all particularly liked - where we all realised that it worked well with the other 2 colours, and that it was a unisex colour. We also liked that the red can be enhanced to create a brighter colour, or even to create a darkened colour.
The last colour palette idea, was an ideal colour scheme. Where the colours worked well together, and the blue brightened up the page. However as a group we felt that this scheme was too original, and has been used on several other existing newspapers.

Over-all we decided upon the colour palette consisting of black, grey and red. This decision hopefully will benefit our newspaper, creating a professional look whilst also brightening the page.

Final Newspaper Layout design:

On the above left, I have the front cover Newspaper Layout Design which I hope to use for my final piece.
This layout uses all of the typical codes and conventions needed for a successful newspaper.
There is an even amount of space for images and text - which is what was proven best in my survey monkey.
The use of inside teasers is a good element to add to a Local Newspaper, as this urges the readers to read on, and also gives a hint as to what may be expected to find inside.
As for the use of advertisements, we decided upon placing these at the bottom of the Newspaper page - acting as a footer, so that it       is separated from the story lines and images. As for the size of the advertisement section, we felt that it shouldn't take up too much of the page, as it is not seen as the most important area.
On the above right, I also have decided upon the inside page of the Newspaper Layout template that we will be using. We have chosen this particular one because there is a fair amount of text and images that can be incorporated into it, where earlier on we gathered results from our Survey Monkey where the people we surveyed said they preferred not too much text but also some images.

Using  indesign, I have created the final templates of the front page and also the inside page of the Newspaper aimed for my target audience aged 19-30.

Paragraph by paragraph textual analysis of a front cover story from a Local Newspaper: