Thursday, 10 November 2011

Conventions to be placed into the Newspaper:

Front Cover Page:
Web Address:  
Date:                          Friday 16th December 2011
Newspaper Name:     Haverhill Weekly Gazette
Price:                          35p                   
Kicker1:                    'Local store set to close'                
Kicker Image 1:         Shop sign.
Kicker 2:                   'New park plans unveiled'
Kicker image 2:         Land area.
Main image:              Remains of burnt building.
Main article:              '5 locals rescued from house fire'
Advertisements:        Local homes for sale.
What's inside:        

Colour palettes:          Red, Grey, Black.
Colour of fonts:          Black.
Type of font:              Masthead = Bell MT
                                 Article titles = Franklin Gothic Book

Inside Page:
Main article:              Local Charity receives mystery donation of £2,000.00
Advertisements:        Restaurant prices.
Main images:            Group of people holding the large cheque.
Other image:             Rescued dog.

Creating the front page and inside page of the Haverhill Gazette:

From having completed all of my research, I will now be applying this to create my 'Haverhill Gazette' Newspaper front page and inside page.
To do this, I will be using the software 'InDesign' - where this allows me to create the templates and design of the Newspaper pages.
From using this software I hope to gain experience when dealing with different convention types - where fonts, language, colour and shape all need to be considered carefully.
I will also be experimenting with Photoshop elements, so that I can edit my photographs to a standard that blends well with my Newspaper and its theme.