Friday, 9 March 2012

Evaluating my Final Newspaper:

Likes and dislikes:
After having finished my Newspaper front cover and inside page, I have been analysing the areas that I like and dislike. The main element that I particularly like, that I feel makes my front page look like a newspaper is use of column inches. By splitting my text into four columns that were an inch wide, made my newspaper instantly appear professional. Another convention that I particularly like was the Identity tag. I liked this, because it was bold and stood out from the page. This was important because it was this convention that I needed my audience to remember. The mixture of both the red and black colours worked well together for this, and also helped to capture my attention.

An area that I disliked about this Newspaper was the use of imaging. The reason for this is because I felt that the image was too blurry and pixelated. This may have been down to the digital camera  that I used when taking the photograph. If i were to do this again, I would use a canon camera to create a better quality image.

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