Tuesday, 13 September 2011


On the right hand side, I have 
collected my results from my survey monkey questionnaire.

The results for question 1 show that the majority of people feel as though the information and story lines put into a Local Newspaper are sometimes exciting, and fluctuate depending on the story lines. Question 2 showed that 71.4% of people feel as though 40 pages in a local newspaper is far too much.

The results for question 3 however, show that the layout used for a particular local Newspaper was a good layout to use.  
Question 4 showed that more than half of the people that completed the questionnaire, thought that Local newspapers should not cost anything, and should be delivered to your home weekly.

As for Question 5, an even amount of people thought that either a 3 colour palette should be used, or a 3 colour palette should not be used.
Question 6 also received an even number of votes, where the question asked was "Do you think that advertisements act as an important role in newspapers".

Question 7 asked wether the Front 
page of the newspaper should be 
kept modern or changed to it's 
original form. The results show, 
that the majority of people voted
 that Newspapers should be kept
 in there present modern form.
My last question involved the cost 
of ink needed to create a 
Newspaper. The results show that
 71% of people feel that the cost of
 ink involved in the creating process
 of a newspaper is far too much.

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