Thursday, 15 September 2011

Photography used in existing Local Newspapers:

Photography plays an important role in Newspapers, as this is an element that helps engage the audience and attract their attention. The convention also acts as a 'sneak peak' to the Newspaper, particularly when it is displayed on the Front cover of a page.
I plan to start by researching into existing photography images used on the front covers and inside pages of Local Newspapers.
The types of photography allocated on the front and inside pages of a Newspaper will all depend upon the story-line it is backed with.

The first piece of photography I have looked at within a Local Newspaper is of 5 people - all of which are dressed smartly and drinking out of champagne glasses. This type of image therefore is backing up a main story re-presentating celebration. This is shown through long shot of the people whom are standing in front of an area relating to the celebration and storyline.
The second image I have looked at, is of a mid shot elderly man - whom is looking distressed. The slight camera angle facing upwards, creates an image portraying an elderly man being distraught about  his broken fence, where the fence is the foreground and the man is the background - revealing the importance of the image.
The third Local image

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