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Above I have researched into different Newspaper Fonts, and picked which ones I feel will work well on a Local Newspaper.
The conventions I were looking for in order to achieve this were:
  • Blank colour - one that is solid and is not too flashy, as this may lead the newspaper and the reader's astray.
  • Boldness - I looked mainly for thicker fonts, as this is a convention that helps to attract readers. 
  • Style - This was important. I also looked into much older fonts, such as the one above named 'newspaper title font 3'.
  • Size - this is a factor that I will need to look into when creating drafts of my final piece. 
As well as needing fonts for my Newspaper headline and main story lines, I also will need other fonts for areas such as:
  • Teasers
  • Other story line
  • Decks 
These types of fonts may vary in colour and also size, depending on the type of area.
Below, I will be creating a questionnaire to help me decide upon a Newspaper font from the list above. 
The questions I asked were:

Q1. Which of the Newspaper Title fonts attracted your most attention?
Q2. Which of the Newspaper title fonts seem most appropriate and suited to a local Newspaper.
Q3. Out of which of the 8 Newspaper Title fonts do you feel look the most attractive? 
Q4. Do you prefer bolder fonts or more italic fonts?
Q5.  Which of the 8 Newspaper Title fonts for other story lines do you think will look best? 

The results I collected from these questions show:

These above results show, that the Newspaper title font that attracted the most attention was Perpetua. The public also voted that the Newspaper title font that seemed most appropriate and suited for it's purpose was Bell MT. As for question 3, the most voted Newspaper title font for the most attractiveness was also Bell MT - and closely followed behind was Times New Roman. Question 4 showed that more people preferred bold fonts as a pose to italics.
 As for question 5, the public voted that they preferred uppercase style fonts, in contrast to traditional lowercase.

The next set of fonts we will be analysing are for the Newspaper copy. (shown below):
I have managed to get responses to these fonts from my target audiences to chose their favourite, and have shown these in the questionnaire below:

The results from the questionnaire show that the Newspaper article which looked most professional was Franklin Gothic. The least professional font however, was Ariel narrow. The second question asked which font was easiest to read, the results from this proved that Franklin Gothic book was the best, and closely followed was Euphemia UCAS. 
Out of the 6 fonts my demographic target audience again voted Franklin Gothic book to be the most preferable font to read. Question 4 asked whether my audience preferred curved font or block font. The result gathered from this prove that they prefer block fonts.
My last question asked which font attracted most attention and this resulted in Franklin Gothic book being chosen.                                            

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