Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Existing Local Newspapers:

Below I have a list of existing front cover and inside page newspaper templates.
These Newspaper templates will help me to chose a design for my final or preliminary works. This could be changing elements, layouts, fonts and colour.

This particular Local newspaper front cover (ABOVE) is a pay weekly type. It consists of a 3 colour palette and contains plenty of information - connoting a informative newspaper. The use of fonts are relatively the same, but range in size and boldness. There are only two images displayed and one small advertisement acting as a banner at the bottom of the page. A teaser has been included on the far right hand side of the page, in order to help encourage people to buy the paper, as this connotes popularity. 

Under neath the top front cover is the inside page to the newspaper (SHOWN ABOVE). Four images are being displayed, each following different story lines. This particular ingrediant connotes excitement to the page and helps give a better understanding. The text consists of column inches and are displayed across the page. Another local advertisement is placed at the bottom left hand side of the page - connoting it's ranking in importance. The fonts are again kept the same, however for areas of text such as the mast head, the text is much bolder.

On the left is the front cover of a free Local newspaper which is delivered to the door weekly. In comparison to the above  newspaper, the use of text is much more minimal. The colour palette however is again used, following the colours red, black and purple. There are 5 images displayed on this cover page, where-as the previous cover had only 2 images. A border is used to present the images better and help to present the page. Unlike the previous cover, the use of advertising has been used more. This could be to help address the local areas of surrounding business'. The use of text has also kept relatively the same, however, the size, thickness and colour of the font fluctuates.

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