Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Difference between a tabloid and a broadsheet:

Here, I will be analysing two different types of common Newspapers that are often read daily. These types of Newspapers consist of a Tabloid Newspaper (The Sun) and a Broadsheet Newspaper (The In dependent).

A Tabloid Newspaper is essentially half the size of the larger type of Newspaper - known as a Broadsheet. This type of conventional format makes it much more compact and easy to handle. This type of convention is a necessity when it comes to its target audiences, as it enables them to hold the Newspaper easily and without any trouble -  whereas using a Broadsheet, the size of the Newspaper c an be much more of a struggle. 

Other examples of advantages in the area of the publishing, is that it is cheaper to produce, where the Newspaper requires less paper. The tradition of presenting a Newspaper in this format has known to be appealing to some readers, where some just want the basics, without an in-depth discussion and a large amount of text.

In reference to the Tabloid Newspaper - The Sun, this is often a popular choice, where people aimed at particularly 18-40 year olds read this type most often. The reasoning for this, may be partially due to the areas of information allocated within the paper. For instance areas such as sport, celebrities and world-wide news are extremely popular. 

A Broadsheet Newspaper however, consists of a large format - approximately 15 by 24 inches (38 by 61 centimetres). This size can often be referred to as "tricky to handle", or large enough to hold a large amount of informative text - giving you better value for your money". 
And so there are two different views typically referring to the size of the Newspaper, where different types of audiences prefer different formats. A Broadsheet is typically known as "an advertisement intended for wide distribution".

In reference to the Independent Newspaper - is The Independent. This is a Newspaper that is often aimed towards well educated, highly informative socioeconomic groups of people, where story lines within the Newspaper would consist of politics and the current world state. 
As seen on the Front cover below,  the main story line is describing current world states, where facts as well as opinions are likely to be seen. There also are a larger amount of texts being portrayed making it a much more informative newspaper.

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