Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Difference between a National and Local Newspaper:

One of the most important differences between a national and local newspaper is it's demographic. A National Newspapers demographic is aimed entirely at a widespread community - focusing mainly on areas such as the national economy.

A local Newspapers demographic however, is focused entirely within a small local area, where story lines about streets  and small business' are likely to be talked about.

The Newspaper below (Daily Express) is an example of an existing National Newspaper. It shows story lines of real happenings around a National area. Other conventions such as advertisements, consist of typical stories that would want to be read by a majority of people anywhere.

In comparison to this is an existing example of a Local Newspaper. This particular type of Newspaper reveals story lines of recent happenings within the Local area. The advertisements that are also used on the cover of this Newspaper are from Local Companies to help appeal to their Local audiences, as a pose to a widespread audience.

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