Friday, 30 September 2011


I need to come up with a unique - yet catchy name for my Local Newspaper. This means that I will have to look into existing names of Local Newspapers to help encourage and inspire me.
A few Local Newspaper names that already exist, include the likes of:

  • Haverhill Weekly News
  • Haverhill Echo
  • Sudbury Mercury

Some Local Newspapers I have come up with include:
  • The Haverhill press 
  • The Local Press
  • The Haverhill Independent
  • Local Independent
  • The Haverhill Telegraph
  • Local Telegraph.
  • Haverhill Weekly Gazette.
After looking into each of these names, as a group we all particularly liked the 'Haverhill Weekly Gazette'. The reason for this, was because it was an original name, it was short and so can be easily remembered.

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